Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Is Eternal Life Always Eternal?

Is Eternal Life Always Eternal?: "I remember exactly where I was when I discovered some Christians believe eternal life may not always be eternal. The moment is still etched in my memory.Shortly after I was saved, a friend invited me to a midweek Bible study at a local church. During the course of our study, one fellow asked, “How can someone know if he has lost his salvation?” As discussion ensued, it became clear he was talking about himself. This poor man thought he was in danger of losing his salvation."

Stone the Preacher

Stone the Preacher: "AN ATHEIST PUBLIC SERVICE: Because unbelievers have no happy eternal future to look forward to, they must experience all the joy and laughter and cuteness now. Enjoy this today, for there may be no tomorrow."

Atheist Central -- Ray Comfort's Blog

Atheist Central -- Ray Comfort's Blog: "'Could Living Waters spare some money for the Japanese Red Cross, or another good charity? I know 'give' isn't your first reaction to tragedy (that would be 'exploit'), but the Japanese people need help, right now, and they're not going to be too concerned about the character of whom it comes from.'"

Harvest Daily Devotion for 3/15/2011: "Genuine Imitations"

Harvest Daily Devotion for 3/15/2011: "Genuine Imitations"
An oxymoron basically is a figure of speech that combines contradictory terms, like "jumbo shrimp," "virtual reality," "friendly fire," and "found missing." Then there is one of my favorites: "fresh frozen." You might go into a restaurant and ask, "Is this fish fresh?"