Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Be Killing Sin, or Else

Be Killing Sin, or Else: "If someone were to ask you, “What’s the most dangerous spiritual responsibility to neglect?” You might think of Scripture reading, prayer, evangelism, listening to preaching, or attending corporate worship. And it’s not that you’d be wrong…God commands all believers to pursue those things. They’re non-negotiable."

False Prophets and Lying Wonders

False Prophets and Lying Wonders: "Have you noticed that no matter how many times charismatic televangelists make outlandish false prophecies, they never lack for followers, and they don't stop claiming the Lord has spoken directly to them?"

Atheist Central -- Ray Comfort's Blog

Atheist Central -- Ray Comfort's Blog: "God told Jeremiah that He 'formed' him in the womb (Jeremiah 1:4,5). While we may think that God created Adam and Eve and backed off, Scripture tells us that He is intimately involved with every one of us even before we existed."

Harvest Daily Devotion for 6/29/2011: "Taking "Liberties""

Harvest Daily Devotion for 6/29/2011: "Taking "Liberties"": "How do we cause other people to stumble? The answer is very simple. We cause other people to stumble by not caring about them."