Sunday, January 29, 2012

What Makes Tim Tebow a Christian

What Makes Tim Tebow a Christian: "Predictably, this week’s Love in Action feature is Tim Tebow. When you’re a handsome football hero and the subject of about 100,000 facebook posts per minute, what possible motivation can you have to be selfless?"

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Evolution Facts: A Few Reminders

Evolution Facts: A Few Reminders: "Somebody sent me this news story from MSNBC on a type of shark recently discovered off the coast of Australia, which was found to be the offspring of two different types of sharks. The person who emailed me was concerned this find backed the theory of evolution, and ergo, disproved the need for God and threatened the credibility of the Bible."

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The Bible and Being Gay

The Bible and Being Gay: "There is a list of sins in the Bible. And being gay (that is, practicing homosexuality) is on the list. And if you are a person who is attracted to the same sex… well, what now?"

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