Monday, August 27, 2012

Prime-evil Tribe. | Ray Comfort's Daily Evidence

Prime-evil Tribe. | Ray Comfort's Daily Evidence: "I dreamed I was a doctor. I was stationed in the darkest of places, fighting a deadly disease among a very primitive tribe. This tribal group was particularly vicious by nature, and what is more, they did not like me at all."

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Jesus Freak: brother Farhad

Jesus Freak: brother Farhad: "It's so obviously imperative to know that physical birth leads to death but spiritual birth leads to life. We are not even in charge of our physical birth how can we manage our spiritual birth?"

'via Blog this' - The Devotional - The Devotional: "Many are professing quite loudly today that they can be "good without God." And I think that I have a fairly clear understanding of what these people are trying to say. They haven't killed anybody. They work hard. They build community, are compassionate, and give to charity. I suppose that from a perspective in which the God of the Bible is ignored for a few moments, you could easily agree that they are decent people."

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Who Are the Meek?

Who Are the Meek?: "Meekness is not weakness. Sometimes we confuse the two. But the difference between a meek person and weak person is this: a weak person can't do anything. A meek person, on the other hand, can do something but chooses not to."

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