Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bible contradiction? | Ray Comfort's Daily Evidence

Bible contradiction? | Ray Comfort's Daily Evidence: "Skeptics argue that the Bible’s statement that the covenant of circumcision is to be everlasting (Gen. 17:7,10–11) contradicts verses saying that the circumcision is of no consequence (Gal. 6:15)."

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On The Box: The Poor Linebacker

On The Box: The Poor Linebacker: "You may have seen the clip of that poor Kent State linebacker (Andre Parker) running 58 yards in the wrong direction. I say “poor” because I empathized with him. What he did was understandable, especially for someone like me who has the sense of direction of a dead goose. It’s very easy for me to get disoriented. What amazed me was that the opposing team chased him as he ran the wrong way, and they tackled him. I can’t believe that they too were disorientated, and suspect that they may have been embarrassed by what he was doing, and wanted to take him out as soon as possible. I hope so."

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