Tuesday, November 6, 2012

On The Box: Words of Comfort: This will Bug You

On The Box: Words of Comfort: This will Bug You: "Steven Salzberg wrote a condescending Forbes Magazine article mocking those who believe that God created the universe.[1] He maintains that his articles are “Celebrating good science by fighting pseudoscience and bad medicine.” This good science article was called “Evolution bugs people” and was accompanied by a fascinating picture of three leaf insects. He said,"

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Roaring Waters | Ray Comfort's Daily Evidence

Roaring Waters | Ray Comfort's Daily Evidence: "A man in a rowboat once found himself caught in fast-moving water, heading for a massive waterfall with jagged rocks 150 feet below. A passerby saw him rowing against the current, but his efforts were futile. Minute by minute he was drawn closer and closer to the roaring falls. The passerby ran to his car, grabbed a rope from the trunk, and threw it to the boat. When it fell across the bow, he screamed, “Grab the rope. I will pull you to the shore!” He couldn’t believe his eyes—the man took no notice. He just kept rowing frantically against the current, until he was sucked over the falls to his death."

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