Monday, December 9, 2013

▶ Fun! - Francis Chan - YouTube

▶ Fun! - Francis Chan - YouTube: ""

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Blake Mankin - I am Second

Blake Mankin - I am Second: "“I asked God, how could He allow such anguish?” Blake Mankin saw the poverty in Africa and wondered “why”? He looked at himself and his peers and their lavish lifestyles and saw an opportunity.  What if his high school, surrounded by excessive traditions, could be an instrument of change for the impoverished people of Sudan.  His courage and willingness to humble himself led hundreds of kids to helping thousands in Africa."

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Wayne Huizenga - I am Second

Wayne Huizenga - I am Second: "Living a life of power, prestige, excitement and wealth, Wayne Huizenga, Jr. regularly dined at the world’s banquet table. Working alongside his father, the Chairman of Waste Management Inc, Junior enjoyed the perks that came with wealth, including owning three professional sports teams. He was free to drink heavily and quick to offer unvarnished comments and opinions to anyone in the room.  He had available to him all the things the world had to offer-yet was never satisfied."

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Christian Hosoi - I am Second

Christian Hosoi - I am Second: "How hard do you have to fall and hit rock bottom before you make the decision to stop doing whatever it is that is satisfying you on the outside, but killing you on the inside? Christian Hosoi, an All-American professional skateboarder, lived by the creed, “Skate and Destroy.” While he found his calling in skating at an early age, he also found himself in the midst of destruction. “I was trying to destroy myself because I was searching for love in money, fame and girls. None of it satisfied me.”"

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Stephen Baldwin - I am Second

Stephen Baldwin - I am Second: "In an absorbingly witty confession, Stephen Baldwin takes you on a journey from a life centered around money, fame and self absorbance to a place where life centered around him no longer mattered."

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Healing Souls: Bearing Gifts

Healing Souls: Bearing Gifts: "Cancer.

How to find peace in a season where it alludes everyone NOT dealing with cancer?

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, it was right before Thanksgiving. I think I went through the motions of dinner with family, relaying information and setting up doctor appointments while still in shock.

I just did it.

Then came a surgery the first week in December."

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