Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Words of Comfort: Planet Earth. —

Words of Comfort: Planet Earth. — "“Hate to break it to you but you live on planet Earth. Planet Earth is your home.” Mark Howard

It’s not common knowledge that this planet is our home. We are going to inherit this earth. Jesus said, "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth." "

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What Do You Do If Your Church Hurts You? —

What Do You Do If Your Church Hurts You? — "No one expects to be mistreated by their pastor, the First Lady or even one of the deacons.  So, how do you handle being hurt by someone at the church?  Do you leave?  Do you confront the individual?  Or do you just turn the ‘other cheek’?   In a short article written by Jennifer Claire, ‘Overcoming Hurt Feelings, God’s Way,’ she explains the steps to take in such a situation.  She discussed the issue while appearing as a guest on the Love and Life Radio show with Coach Steph.  What would Jesus do?"

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Words of Comfort: New Zealand Police. —

Words of Comfort: New Zealand Police. — "Leonie Trent is a regular atheist who quoted me when I said, “Years ago, I told 100 kids to line up for candy. As I looked at the line I noticed that it was a line of greed. The greedy brats were at the front, and the quiet sickly and humble kids had been pushed to the back. So I took great delight in turning the line around 180 degrees and going to the quiet sickly kids first, much to the disgust of the greedy brats at the back.” Then she asked, “Did anyone call the police and did you tell the parents this?"

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