Thursday, May 26, 2011

YouTube - On The Box Episode #101

YouTube - On The Box Episode #101: ""

Is homosexuality a sin?

Is homosexuality a sin?: "As we continue looking at the top 20 most frequently asked questions on, #2 is another one that I wish I could avoid. There is probably no other topic that produces such angry and hateful replies as homosexuality. Saying that homosexuality is a sin is probably the ultimate taboo in current society, at least in Europe and the USA"

The Message Bible: A Mystic Mess

The Message Bible: A Mystic Mess: "With today’s epidemic of Bible per-versions spreading like a runaway virus, nothing should shock us . . . but buckle up! If you have any spiritual pulse, Eugene Peterson’s The Message will shock you. The Message promotes the mystical New Age message with a boldness never seen in a mainstream Bible. The Message has sold over 10 million copies and has continually ranked among the top five best-selling Bibles. The Message website ( displays endorsements from such prominent Christians as Billy Graham, Chuck Swindoll, Christianity Today, Dan Quayle, Bill Hybels, Gordon Fee, J.I. Packer, Jack Hayford, Jerry Jenkins, Jerry Savelle, John Maxwell, Max Lucado, Richard Foster, Rick Warren, Rod Parsley, Tony Campolo and Warren Wiersbe, among many others."

On The Box: Praying Code-3

On The Box: Praying Code-3: "'64 the handle. 64-Adam the assist. 211-now. 23645 Main St. Bank of America. 64 and 64-Adam, respond code-3.'"

Evangelism Adventure: Fiesta Hermosa « Stone the Preacher

Evangelism Adventure: Fiesta Hermosa « Stone the Preacher: "The Fiesta Hermosa is one of our largest evangelism events of the year. Over 100,000 people visit this pagan street fair on Memorial Day where we set up our evangelism booth right on the Hermosa Beach Pier, just outside the fair. Why do we set up outside the fair? Read below. Also below get the details of the event."

Harvest Daily Devotion for 5/26/2011: "Grace, Not the Place"

Harvest Daily Devotion for 5/26/2011: "Grace, Not the Place": "Faith is often found in unlikely places. The Bible tells the story of a pagan woman whom Jesus commended for her great faith. She was not raised as a Jew, knowing the Scriptures. She certainly did not have the privilege of walking and talking with Jesus as the disciples had."