Tuesday, November 5, 2013

a blessed time — jesusfreak72.blogspot.com — Readability

a blessed time — jesusfreak72.blogspot.com — Readability: "Brothers & Sisters, Take a second to think of how great our God is and how truly blessed we are to be found in Him through His Son, Jesus Christ. There is no greater joy that can be recognized in this or the next life, than knowing and accepting Jesus as one's Lord and Savior of sin, condemnation, and eternal suffering and damnation. Last Saturday, we welcomed a new brother, Stephen, to the family of Christ after recognizing the joy and grace he was missing out upon without the blood of Christ."

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Under God Under Attack Again — eaglerising.com — Readability

Under God Under Attack Again — eaglerising.com — Readability: "A few years ago I sat in slack-jawed disbelief when I heard the announcement that "under God" had been voted to be slashed from the Pledge of Allegiance by two federal appeals court judges in San Francisco. (Where else but San Francisco – where The Boy Scouts are all but outlawed, and "his" and "hers" school restrooms are being eliminated because they offend (or confuse) two percent of the school population.) Now, recently, in Massachusetts, a family has challenged the pledge of allegiance and are demanding the two words “under God” be removed, because they claim those two words “violate students’ rights."

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Words of Comfort: 100 Lashes! — www.onthebox.us — Readability

Words of Comfort: 100 Lashes! — www.onthebox.us — Readability: "An African chief got wind of a mutiny being planned in his tribe. In an effort to quash the revolt, he called the tribe together and said that anyone caught in rebellion would be given one hundred lashes, without mercy."

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