Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Marks of Immaturity, and How to Keep Growing

The Marks of Immaturity, and How to Keep Growing: "Selfishness is one telltale sign of immaturity. Babies are completely self-centered. They scream if they don't get what they want when they want it. All they are aware of are their own needs and desires. They never say thanks for anything. They can't help others; they can't give anything. They can only receive."

“Righteous” Richard (almost) Gets Whacked! « Stone the Preacher

“Righteous” Richard (almost) Gets Whacked! « Stone the Preacher: "“It’s has the million dollar question on the back,” I replied. “If you died today would you go to Heaven or Hell?” As I asked him this question I noticed two things about him: #1—He seemed to have been drinking a lot as his face was flush red and his speech was slurred. # 2—He was wearing a large cross around his neck."

Atheist Central -- Ray Comfort's Blog

Atheist Central -- Ray Comfort's Blog: "In mid-2011, Markus Fischer and his creative team at Festo built 'SmartBird'--a large, lightweight robot, modeled on a seagull."