Monday, July 11, 2011

This Week on TV

This Week on TV: "How often and for how long do you pray? In this sermon, Dr. Stanley explains why prayer should be motivated by a desire to fellowship with the Lord, and not simply because we want something from Him."

Does God Love His Enemies?

Does God Love His Enemies?: "I can still remember the chair I was sitting in years ago when I read a life-changing page in John MacArthur’s book The God Who Loves. In an economy of words, John exposed, confronted, and changed my thinking on one of the most critical areas of theology, the nature of God. My understanding of God’s love—specifically His love for the non-elect—was never the same."

Harvest Daily Devotion for 7/11/2011: "Been There"

Harvest Daily Devotion for 7/11/2011: "Been There": "Before there was a Calvary, there was a Gethsemane. The sorrow Jesus experienced in the Garden of Gethsemane on the last night before His crucifixion seemed to be the culmination of all of the sorrow He had ever known, which would accelerate to a climax the following day."